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Blood Diamond Vampire will change your customers lives as this is a method that even a homeless person with a Walmart data plan, Walmart Smartphone and nothing else, could literally get started TODAY, and potentially be making money in a few hours!

Launching October 16th, 2021

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Blood Diamond Vampire is a 27 page PDF + Audio step-by-step guide where I teach with pictures and my voice guiding them on how to set up two of the most important free traffic methods that people ignore or just flat out get wrong.

This teaches two 100% FREE traffic methods, and your customers will love the fact that it’s all in one place, taught with PDF and Audio Overview of each section of the document.

While many of you have heard of both of these free methods, the chances are you have learned everything from YouTube or by Googling, spending your time learning and stumbling.

To be completely transparent, I also learned it by doing that, but why should your customers have to struggle when I put it all into one easy to understand PDF with Audio to go over the whole PDF so no one can fail with this!

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Now the OTO’s are pretty simple.

OTO1 goes over another FREE method along with a PAID traffic method that only a few super affiliates use.

OTO2 is where I set up an autoresponder with a follow up series

OTO3 is a place where you can buy very good quality 100% Desktop traffic (the place most people buy from it seems)

OTO4 is a true DFY where – “I set it all up – the FE, OTO1, OTO2, and OTO3” Just pay me the money and I do it all for you.

Pricing and Commission %

FE – Blood Diamond Vampire (PDF + Audio) – $17 – 50%

OTO1 – Two Underutilized Traffic Methods (One Paid, One Free) – $27 – 50%

OTO1 Downsell – One Underutilized Traffic Method (Free Method) – $17 – 50%

OTO2 – Set Up Your Autoresponder with 14 Day FUP Series – $197 – 50%

OTO2 Downsell – Set up with 7 day FUP series – $97 – 50%

OTO3 – Solo Ads 300 Clicks – $150 (recurring every 2 weeks) – 15%

OTO3 Downsell – Solo Ads 100 Clicks – $70 (recurring every week) – 15%

OTO4 – DFY – $497 – Setup ALL – 10%

OTO4 DFY Downsell – Setup FE and OTO1 – $297 – 10%

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I may add another OTO and I might change the prices, so check the w+ page after you sign up for any changes to pricing or additional updates!

Thanks for jumping on board this product launch!